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Campus History and Origin

It had been founded by royal charter of King George II in 1754. Being the oldest University in New York (fifth in the country) the issue in which what would be it's religious affiliation went on between advocates and Anglicans, however resulted in simple religious liberty of the school. The first class was held in July of 1754, with only 8 students in the schoolhouse that was located in what is now know as lower Broadway in Manhattan. It's name was once known as Kings College, and it was designed so that future colonial leaders were to "enlarge the mind, improve the understanding, polish the whole man, and qualify them to support the brightest characters in all the elevated stations in life." Suspension of instruction was commenced once the American Revolution took shape; this lasted for eight years. (Fun Fact: One of Kings College's first students was Alexander Hamilton) Once the war was over, the college reopened in 1784 with the name "Columbia" inspired by America's new found independence. With the University moving constantly, it finally settled in 1897,when the university moved from Forty-ninth Street and Madison Avenue,  to where it stands today, on Morningside Heights at 116th Street and Broadway.


Admission Requirements

Admission Data (2015)

Admit Rate:6.9%

SAT Critical Reading-760/800

SAT Math-760/800

SAT Writing-760/800

ACT Compostie- 32/36

Tuition and Cost


On Campus Room/Board-11,978



Application Fee-80


Element of Campus Life

Tree Lighting/Yule Log Ceremony

The Tree Lighting ceremony is a tradition n which annually in winter they light the trees all along College Walk. The Yule Log ceremony is a very old tradition. The lighting of the log reminds us that Winter Has Arrived

Degree Plan: Psycology

Lecture and Lab Courses (see key)FallProfCourse TitleSprProfCourse TitleW1001s1 Lindemann Science of Psych W1001s1 LindemannScience of Psych W1001s2TaylorScience of Psych W1001s2 KellyScience of Psych W1010MobbsMind, Brain, Behavior W1001s3 Kao & CornwellScience of Psych W1450
OchsnerExp. Psych (lab):
Soc Cog & Emot W1010ShohamyMind, Brain, Behavior W1610JensenIntro Stats for Behav. Scientists W1420LindemannExp. Psych (lab):
Human BehaviorW2220 Metcalfe Cognition:
Memory & Stress W1455BolgerExp. Psych (lab):
Social & Personality W2440MiozzoLanguage and the Brain W2235 Fox-GlassmanThinking and Decision MakingW2460HartDrugs and Behavior W2250 TerraceEvolution of CognitionW2480ChampagneDeveloping Brain



Developmental Psych



Abnormal Behavior

W2450TaylorBehavioral Neuroscience



Social Psychology



Intro to Cultural Psychology



Children at Risk



Social Development

Not teaching their lecture courses in 2014-15: Graham, Lutz, Putnam

(check course descriptions for prerequisites)

FallProfCourse TitleSprProfCourse TitleW3270
Graham Computational approaches to Human Vision W3250/
G4230 MatinSem in Space Perception; Sensation & Perception CANCELLEDW3290 KellySelf: A Cognitive Exploration



Modern Classics in Vis Pc, Vis Sci, Vis Neurosci CANCELLEDG4222 Gazes & Habeck
Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging G4223 FriedmanMemory and Exec Function Thru Lifespan G4235 Graham Special Topics in Vision G4250Terrace & NewEvolution of Intelligence, Consciousness, and LanguageG4270SonCognitive Processes G4285 KrantzMultidisciplinary Approaches to Human Decision Making W3450
G4450TerraceEvolution of Intelligence and Consciousness W3435 ChampagneNeurobio of Repro BehavW3470 Curley Brain Evolution: Becoming Human G4440s1 HartTopics in Neurobio & BehavG4440 SilverTopics in Neurobio & Behav G4440s2 NautiyalTopics in Neurobio & BehavG4485 MobbsAffective Neuroscience G4470 Miozzo Psychology and Neuropsychology of LanguageG4486Tottenham Developmental & Affective Neuroscience G4480 FiferPsychobiology of Infant Dev G4485 Mobbs

Affective Neuroscience

G4490ChampagneInheritanceW3628WebbPrimate Social Psychology W3625 McCaskill Clinical NeuropsychologyW3680
G4685 OchsnerSocial Cognitive Neuroscience


Purdie- VaughnsPsych of Culture & Diversity G4615 Purdie- VaughnsPsych of Culture & Diversity G4630 MischelAdv Sem in Self-Control [Current Personality Theory & Research] G4690Downey Social Factors & Psychopathology Undergraduate Research CoursesW3910 ShohamyHonors Seminar W3910 Ochsner Honors Seminar W3920 [Faculty] Honors Research W3920 [Faculty] Honors Research W3950 [Faculty] Supervised Indiv Research W3950 [Faculty]Supervised Indiv Research 6000 and 9000 level courses (see key)

(check course descriptions for prerequisites)

FallProfCourse TitleSprProfCourse TitleG6001


Proseminar I G6002


Proseminar IIG6007BolgerAnalysis of Change G6006 KrantzIntro to Statistical Modeling in PsychologyG6100 Curley &
Woolley Communicating Science G6500 PutnamSupervised Teaching AssistanceG6200 Putnam Practicum in the Teaching of Psychology G6600 OchsnerSupervised Indiv ResearchG6500 PutnamSupervised Teaching Assistance G9165 MetcalfeRes Sem in CognitionG6600 OchsnerSupervised Indiv Research G9350Downey Sem in Social PsychologyG9397Ochsner, Mobbs, & Purdie-Vaughns'Monday Seminar" G9398Ochsner, Mobbs, & Purdie-Vaughns"Monday Seminar"G9999 OchsnerDept Colloquium G9999 OchsnerDept Colloquium




Demand-The Demand is continuing to grow as more medical students refuse to pursue one of the more lowing paying doctor careers, (Eh, what?) It is the third most requested doctor position in the medical field.

Job Description- Not to be confused with a psychologist, a psychiatrist is a medical doctor in which they primarily deal with mental illness and can give prescriptions. Focuses include child patients, marriage counseling, mental institutions, etc. I personally would enjoy evaluating criminally insane patients in penitentiaries prioritezed for said patients.

Job Requirements

Firstly, you would need to complete a bachelors degree program (of any major) . Recommended majors include psychology, pre-med, or physical science. While focusing on achieving said major, you will need to take classes that qualify you for medical school. After graduation, you must take the MCAT to get into medical school. Medical school lasts for 4-5 years, after which you must apply for 4 year residency guided by a licensed psychiatrist. After which you must apply for certification through the ABPN (American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology) You must renew certification every 10 years as well go back to school when new methods of treatment are iscovered.


Mr. Quincy Sharp

Arkham Asylum

Arkham Dr.

Gotham, IL 60290

Dear Mr.Sharp,

I am extremely interested in the open position for a psychiatrist in the fine establishment of Arkham Asylum. I have the necessary credentials of experience needed to be licensed, and however am new to the field, have graduated from Columbia University with not just a major in psychology, but also one in creative writing as well.

Currently, I had just finished residency at Gotham Public Hospital, treating severe mental illness involving children. I know, kids and psychotic criminals have a wide difference in mental capacity, but I was challenged to be patient, kind, and optimistic. As well as that, I personally am a persistent man who does not give up under any circumstance.

During my freshman year of medical school, I was shone a path of treating mental illness and was absolutely riveted by the study. The human mind has always intrigued me and it is that human curiosity in which I believe gives us a strong vantage point into the criminal mind where even the incurable can be cured.

It is my legacy to be a valuable asset to Arkham staff, assisting and leading treatment involving every unstable inmate. With time and effort, and with me on board, each patient will succesful respond to treatment and turn from a path of crime to a path of justice, tranquility, and discipline.

Best Regards,

Isaiah Gomez

123 Meadow Rd

Gotham, IL 60290



Letter of Recommendation

Medical Field

Pediatric Nurse

Sierra Providence Health Network

El Paso, Texas 79938



To whom it may concern:

Currently I have chosen to commit myself to writing this letter of recommendation for the purpose of allowing the hard working and excellent student that is Isaiah Gomez to being accepted into the University of Columbia in New York City.

Mr.Gomez has thrived in this volunteering community and has many successful skills that will get him through and even excel in his college life. He is very determined and catches on to new things very quickly. I for one has seen him fly through his classes with thought a problem. He is very caring and has a heart warming personality, he is constantly wanting to learn new things. More of his skills are; He is very hard working, motivated, and fantastic student that serves as a very good role model.

Mr.Gomez loves to take in new challenges and is always excited to learn. I am very honored to be writing him this letter of recommendation, he will definitely benefit from any field of study at the University Of Columbia. If you would like to discuss Mr.Gomez any further, please contact me at or (915)-666-8874.


Christina Devora

Persuasive Essay

Being human is only natural. The way we behave, think, speak, and react are all natural elements of being a human being. We all have fears and we all have wants. Most intriguingly, some people are born evil. They do not develop these traits, nor do they truly have a say in what they do. They are just plain evil. That evil comes from a dark place within their minds;within all of our minds. The psychology of psychopaths ranges from easy to extremely difficult in understanding, and obtaining a major in psychology and achieving becoming a psychiatrist is exactly the way I will crack the code for the criminally insane.

A scholarship for a prestigious school like Columbia is always hard to come by, but the money would spent when given to someone with dedication and a strong will to fight for what they want. Why Columbia? This university has been in my head ever since I was in grade school. I had pondered websites, articles, books, and shows, asked so many questions to the point of losing my voice, and have always seen New York as a place of opportunity. Achieving my goal in such a university would be an amazing honor; I would never be able to ask more for. But even if I do not get accepted to Columbia, I have the urge to continue my education no matter what school I attend. Whether it be my dream school or the local university, I will make sure that I go to college, and with the large cost of tuition a scholarship is most definitely in order.

My dream extends beyond a degree. I really do choose to be determined and set on a one way path into psychiatry, assisting those minds that need the assistance and curing all those who need to be cured. I have the spirit to help others, and whether that is by my instinct or by my choices I will not allow that spirit to go to waste.

I am writing this paper for only one reason: so that I can fulfill my dreams, achieve the impossible, and obtain my degree. E A scholarship would allow me to be so much more successful than I could ever imagine. Everyone needs a little help, whether it be for studies or for money. And after all, we are all human.

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