Roman Artillery

Nikhil Gumma

The Ballista

Ballistics's were very important for Roman Army's success in battles over the centuries because they were most likely the deciding factor of whether or not your army would win or loose. These weapons could be used in either offensive or defensive ways depending on the current situation of battle. Usually these weapons were set in a fixed position around a fort due to their lack of mobility. They were known for hurling huge spears or arrows with metal tips to devastate an enemy's fortification or their senior officers. These types of weapons used a ancient roman mechanical discovery called Torsion(the action of twisting or the state of being twisted). As shown in the picture below there were two rods that created tension when the rope was twisted. This act of torsion prepared the weapon for a enormous shot of precision and power. The major drawbacks for these items were that they couldn't be transported that easily and required a stable surface. This meant that the Roman's couldn't take the highly dangerous tool with them.

By: Howard Dickens

The Ballista of the Future

By; Nikhil Gumma

This is my recreation of a Roman Ballista. The main purpose of these siege items was to slow down the enemy and potentially wound them in the process. My recreation obviously isn't historically accurate but that's because I tried to make a modern Ballista without any drawbacks that could in return hinder it's performance. With all the new technology in the world it was hard not to integrate the latest and greatest technology into this Roman Ballista v2.0. First of all it tracks down the target with the ultrasonic sensor. It's able to move along rugged terrain's using the tank treads and lastly it's able to deliver destructive shots with high accuracy without loosing any range.

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