Before you label someone as lazy...

We are five students from Liberty North High School. We were challenged by our teacher to try and solve an important problem in our community. Laziness is a problem that all five of us care about and are interested in solving. Our mission is to inform people of the root causes of laziness, essentially trying to stop the labeling and stereotypes of laziness. After conducting many interviews from people throughout our community, laziness was one of the problems that was mentioned. We feel that although people think laziness is a problem, they are just stereotyping people that do not work the same way they do, or that have other priorities that mean more to them. Laziness is a label put on teens that do not reflect who they really are. There are many things that cause people to seem lazy to others, but before you label someone else as lazy stop and think about these few things.

Please stop and think over these few things to help us reshape the stereotype of Laziness.

1. In the 21st century almost everything is on technology or in some way related to technology. It is almost impossible for teens to get away from technology because that is how they have been taught all their life. Technology distracts teens during the school day and at home but does this really make them lazy?

2. Parenting for teens has changed over time and today parents expect better for their children than the parenting that they got when they were young. As this process continues, the expectations on teens become overwhelmingly high. Teen’s today get stressed over trying to impress their parents and trying to meet their expectations.

3. Since teen’s care about being considered popular they follow the crowd and this puts pressure on them to be someone they are not. Working for what you want and getting jobs done is sometime stereotyped as “lame” and that for most teen’s is unacceptable. Just because teen’s are working for popularity and not on other work does it make them lazy or does it make them insecure?

4.When people are bullied, the natural response is to try and avoid the bully. This could mean they don’t attend school or work because they know that the bully would be there. So, if someone doesn’t show up somewhere that doesn’t always mean that they are lazy, there might be something else going on in that persons life that everyone can’t see.

5. Kids have to worry about all of the above plus the extra work that needs to be complete. This is so overwhelming that they don’t know how to organize their time and handle all the responsibilities correctly. Since they are just learning to take care of themselves they don’t always choose the best way to handle all of the responsibilities.