Two Moons in His Moccasins

Michael Steven Collins was a always a vibrant person. He had worked by the age of 12. He wanted to join the Marine Corps by 5. So when I sat with him I had no idea how massive and wonderful his life has been. From having the woman of his dreams becoming his wife. To joining the marine corps. And gaining full custody of Zakar. But he had told me is that during his time in the service he had lost his leg. As I mentioned before he wanted to become a marine all his life. That dream was achieved at the age of 17. During the his time he had damages taken to his leg. He had gotten discharged. But his Marine buddies and also wanted to help because he was a good soldier. He had always done of what he was asked. So while he was in VA his condition didn’t get better he had M.R.S.I it was sickness that was affecting his leg. They had operated on him a bunch of time but he was getting worse. The disease was moving up his leg. So they amputated it. Michael felt at all time low. Even he was sick anymore he felt better. It was like a sudden burst of pain. It still hurts like a electric buzzing because his brain still thinks his leg is there. Also a painful thing was walking. He didn’t feel like a man anymore. He couldn’t run. Couldn’t ride a motorcycle. He thought walking was gonna be a piece of cake. But it was difficult you know. It was like a baby learning how to walk again. In fact during the time he was learning to walk he had fallen, and broke his hip in 5 pieces. The only things that boost his spirit is his wife and grandson. During time she had supported him. She had taken care of him, the house the dog. She had basically did almost everything. After he learned how to walk again, but he avoided wearing shorts. Up until 5 year old self Zakar said “Pa why do care what people think”. After that he wore shorts. He learned to love life again with the love and support of his family. “Don't judge a man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins" (walk two moons)

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