Sammy Sosa

By SHianna Oestreich

Samuel Peralta Sosa

Nickname:  Slammin' Sammy

                   To Family:  Mikey

Date of Birth:  November 12, 1968

Place of Birth:  Consuelo, Dominican Republic

Teams Played for:  Texas Rangers,

                             Chicago White Sox,

                             Chicago Cubs,

                             Baltimore Orioles

Years in Career:  20 Years

Position:  Right Fielder

Wore 21 when playing with the Cubs in honor of a childhood idol Roberto Clemente

Personal Life:  Married to Sonia Rodriguez

                       Has four children:  Keysha, Kenya, Sammy Jr., and Michael

                       Father died when he was seven years old

Achievements:  5th player in MLB to hit 600 home-runs

                         All-time home run leader among foreign-born MLB players

                         Only player to have hit 60 or more home runs in a single season three                                 times

                         Elected for MVP in 1998

Drugs:  Tested positive for Performance Enhancing Drugs in 2003 but denies it

MLB Hall of Fame:  Sammy Sosa was likely not elected because of his alleged drug                                         scandals

Lightened his skin color by using Skin Bleaching Cream

Charities:  The Sammy Sosa Foundation (raised funds for underprivileged children)                               Currently the foundation is broke

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