The Western Cordillera


These are some of the things you need to know if you are planning to move to the western cordillera. This will cover what the climate will be like near the ocean and what it will be like inland. This will also cover what the soil is like and what type of plant grow there. This will also cover what human activities that will be there and this will include how the western cordillera was make.

The Climate

The Western Cordillera has the Cordilleran and Pacific Maritime Climate region. The Maritime climate region has mild winter (about 3 degrees Celsius) and the summer is nice cool (about 15 degrees Celsius).  The Pacific Maritime also has a lot of rain because it's right beside the Pacific ocean. The Cordilleran climate region has moderate winter  (about -12 degrees Celsius)  and the summer is moderate (about 15 degrees Celsius). Also Cordilleran climate region gets a little more rain then average compare to some of the other climate region. These are what the climate is like for the Western Cordillera.

The soil and vegetation

The western cordillera has soil and vegetation that is unique. The western cordillera has all type of soil make lots of different plant grow there. On the lower part of the mountain there are forest of Douglas fir, sitka spruce, red cedar and western hemlock. Near the middle of the mountain there mainly meadows there. on the top of the mountain there are no vegetation and just snow. This is what the climate is like in the western cordillera.

Human Activities

There are many things you can in the western cordillera. You can fish in the lakes or in the ocean. The mountain make it great to go hiking and go mountain climbing. there industry in the western cordillera. The industries are the forestry, mining and agriculture. these are the human activities that happen in the western cordillera. These are some of the things you can do if you come and visit the western cordillera.


The western cordillera was form by two things. The first thing that form the mountain is the tectonic plates. The ocean plate of the Pacific ocean push against the continental plate by British Columba and that make the mountain. The second thing help shape the mountain is the glaciers. The glaciers help sharpen the mountain's top and make the valleys "U" shape. These are the force that make western cordillera look the way it is.

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