Bobby Blackmon Financial Help Services

Financial Help Services and Bobby Blackmon Support Their Community

About Bobby Blackmon Financial Help Services

For more than two decades, Financial Help Services, Inc., and its president, Bobby Blackmon, has helped individuals become financially stable through the use of debt management and credit counseling services. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the nonprofit organization helps consumers and companies across America through its many programs and no-cost seminars. Guided by president Bobby Blackmon, the organization offers compassion, knowledge, and expertise through its team of Certified Financial Counseling Professionals. Throughout its existence, Financial Help Services, Inc., has helped more than three million individuals gain control of their finances and become debt-free.

Financial Help Services also provides a wealth of community support. Many of its free seminars take place through partnerships with community organizations like Kids in Distress and The Salvation Army. The organization’s Education Director regularly works with individuals personally on matters of family budgeting and debts. Beyond the support it provides through financial services, the company also provides school supplies and backpacks to foster children through its connection with Christian Homes for Children.