Bobby Lawrence Karate

Group of Dojos based in Utah

A provider of martial arts instruction, Bobby Lawrence Karate serves students in such Utah communities as Centerville, Orem, Logan, West Valley, and Spanish Fork. The school admits children starting at the age of 4, adolescents, and adults. At Bobby Lawrence Karate, young people learn important skills that are applicable in all stages of life. Further, the school focuses on high-energy children who might benefit from a regular activity through which to channel their excess capacity. In total, the martial arts studio operates 15 locations across Utah.

For its youngest students, Bobby Lawrence Karate offers the Little Ninjas class. The course introduces children from 4 to 6 to the most basic combat skills. Little Ninjas uses games and repetitive exercises to instruct students in self-control, concentration, defense, and stranger danger. For students 6 to 12 years in age, the studio furnishes a Junior Basics Training program that leverages a classical martial arts curriculum to teach discipline, respect, and goal setting. Junior Basics Training also promotes self-esteem by improving its students’ coordination through physical exercise in a safe, instructor-led environment.

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