Dakota Sowards - 1st Period

What is a boil?: A boil is a skin infection that starts in a hair follicle. The boil starts by turning red and a lump appears. Boils usually are found in the neck, arms, shoulders, and back. boils are caused by a germ called, staphylococcal bacteria. The germ enters the body through cuts in the skin or can travel down the hair to the follicle. People are more susceptible to skin infections if they have diabetes, poor nutrition, or poor hygiene.

Treatment: Soak the boil in warm water or press a warm compress against the boil. This will decrease the pain and help draw out the pus. Once the boil comes to a head, it will burst with repeated soakings. When the boil starts draining,  wash it with antibacterial soap until all the pus is gone and clean with rubbing alcohol. When the boil is drained at home or lanced by a doctor, you will need to clean the infected area two to three times a day. Apply an antibiotic ointment after washing and cover with a bandage.

Prevention: You can prevent boils by washing clothes, bedding, or towels used by a family member that was infected with boils. Also you can clean and treat minor skin wounds and practice good hygiene.

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