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There once was a pig from Peru,
Who said, “I love bacon, too.
I know it’s a sin, but I can’t help but give in,
Bacon just makes me go WOO!”
-Mary Bukowski


  1. the trait that I posse is  board.I am board because i have nothing to do, I get my things taken away because I play on it to much,when I want to have video games I can't play until its the weekend and if it is the week end i can only play for only 30 minutes to an hour. when I turn on the router my mom always says: turn off the router because routers is not "healthy for you its dangerous".
  2. I'm stingy because before i didnt want to spend money ever.If I do spend any money then i only spend less than 2 dollars ,I only spend money on myself very rarely do i ever spend money on my siblings or other people.I am also stingy because even when i find money on the ground i put it in my money collection and never spend it only in emergencies
  3. I am poor because I don't have that much money ,I  spent it mostly on gift cards for games and I spent it on candy ,chocolate bars ,and vending machine.I get no allowance and I don't have a job because I don't do any work around the house .now when I do get any money I spend it on candy.
  4. I am greedy because when I get one thing i want another thing ,another reason why I am greedy because I don't get really that much stuff and when I do get something I always keep it to my self  and don't share it with anyone


  1. what goes around comes around
  2. you heard my name any what I done but you don't know what I've been through
  3. alcohol isn't the answer it makes you forget the question

I love money I DON'T HAVE A LOT OF IT


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