Creating Interactive, Student-Authored, Digital Publications

ISTE Conference 2015 -- Tuesday, June 30 2:15-3:15pm -- Room 109

Erica Speaks, MA, NBCT      East Cary Middle School  | Cary, NC        @teachingspeaks

Paul Cancellieri, NBCT         Rolesville Middle School  |  Rolesville, NC     @mrscienceteach

Session Description:  Learn how to create an interactive blog for students to write book reviews. Anyone visiting their site can search by student-provided genre/rating, search titles, authors, or topics. Authors have posted replies to reviews on their novels! This is the very definition of interactive and authentic student digital work!

Session Screencast

Why do this?

Read Erica's blog post about how she uses this process with students, including how she assesses using the data submitted by students.

How can I do this?

Read Paul's blog post about how to set up a similar system for converting student book reviews into blog posts.

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Have more questions?

Join Erica and Paul at their poster session on Wednesday, July 1 between 8 and 10 AM at Broad Street Atrium, Table 34