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About Boraie Development

Boraie Development, LLC, is a real estate development company that invests in urban communities. The company’s headquarters are in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Boraie Development works with a network of financial institutions and architects, making sure that its own capitally invested projects are successful.

One of the company’s notable achievements involves the regentrification of the City of New Brunswick beginning in the late 1970's in partnership with the City of New Brunswick administration, Rutgers University, and Corporate leadership from Johnson and Johnson. This process over the past 30 years has led to over Two Billion dollars in ensuing development. Boraie's own recent contributions include the construction of a 25-story building One Spring Street. This building became New Jersey's tallest condominium upon its completion in 2007.

The cities which Boraie Development chooses to work can seek various forms of guidance from the company. For one, its real estate development department’s reputation is built on decades of experience and reliability. In addition, to ensure the upkeep of its properties, the company offers property management services that range from maintenance and customer service to administration and leasing. Moreover, the company’s Boraie Realty subsidiary has handled over $150 million in commercial and residential real estate transactions. To learn more about these services, visit

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