Bosnia Geography

By: Aldin Hodzic

This is a geographical map of Bosnia


This map is a simple picture of Bosnia and its main cities.

It is located in the eastern balkan penninsula .

Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia as you can see in the star above.

The other towns are the more known and important towns.

Bosnia's geography and country are also connected to Croatia Serbia and Montenegro.

It also connects to the Adriatic Sea.

The geography in my country is usually very nice and warm in-between June 10th too September 8th.

My country has the following land forms Mountains ,Hills, Rivers, and Lakes.

This impacts people by creating travel routes and trade between areas and different countries.

Bosnian Soceity

This is a picture of people visiting the city Mostar a very popular city.

My country has a very unique society.

In my country the cuisines are very diversified because Bosnia was the crossroad of many different rulers and cultures.

That is why Bosnia has a mix of different cuisines of middle eastern European and Balkan.

Thats why in Bosnia today you can order any type of food you want for example Kebab etc.

Because of the same reasons that food and cuisines got here and the same reasons for religion.

All of the religions we have in Bosnia are monotistic that means that you believe in one god.

In Bosnia we have 4 major religions.

Islam Roman catholic Orthodox Christian and Judism.

In my country they speak Bosnian


In my country they use cars for transportation.

Technology impacts the people here by having a way of transportation to and from places.


This picture represents a group confrence meeting in Bosnia

My countrys leader is Bakir Izetbegovic

They have a Federal Republic government. This means a federation of states are together. This impacts the people by having a state of different parties all in one government.


My countrys money system is convertible marks.

It relates to the usa by both countrys having working classes.

The trade with the following countries.Germany (15%), Croatia (14%), Italy (13%), Serbia (12%), and Slovenia (9.1%)

The economy impacts people by trading and exporting with other countrys in order to get money and create a better government.

This is the currency they use called convertible marks

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