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About BowWow Babies

Headquartered in Huntington, Long Island, BowWow Babies™ (also known as Barking Babies of New York) has established several pet boutiques throughout the tri-state region. The firm offers dog lovers a full range of toy breeds, from Shih Tzu to Pomeranian puppies. BowWow Babies™ also carries pedigreed Yorkshire terriers, bulldogs, and Yorkiepoo puppies,maltipoo puppies, morkie puppies for sale. Grooming services for dogs and cats, tailored to meet pet owners’ preferences, include nail clipping and ear cleaning.

The BowWow Babies™ boutique encompasses more than 3,000 square feet and offers products suitable for puppies, and human babies. Shoppers can choose from a wide array of one-of-a-kind items, including pet blankets and kids’ books. Reflecting the diversity and quality of its offerings, the boutique earned the 2014 “Best of Long Island” award from Bethpage bank. The BowWow Babies™ team has a strong commitment to the community and brings puppies to a number of senior homes on a weekly basis for visits. In addition, the pet boutique helps find homes for adoption dogs among senior U.S. military veterans.

Dog Grooming Tips and BowWow Babies™

As the dog grooming professionals at BowWow Babies™ attest, grooming is an essential aspect of dog ownership, and most dog breeds benefit immensely from a consistent regimen of bathing and grooming. The ASPCA recommends gradually adjusting a puppy to bathing with slow movements and careful actions during the initial bathing process. Furthermore, a reward in the form of a treat or engagement in a favorite activity can inspire even the most clean-resistant dogs to enjoy a thorough bath. With regard to nail trimming, the ASPCA suggests owners choose a comfortable and size-appropriate pair of clippers and to trim along with the curve of the nail’s edge.

For the convenience of their clients, the professionals at BowWow Babies™ maintain an informative website devoted to providing detailed information about their products and services, including dog bathing goods and a variety of nail clippers. For more information, including a list of current promotional offers as well as contact information, visit

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