Absolute Brightness

Miss. Berissford

April 24, 2014-  Every choice has a consequence:

My protagonist from this novel would have to be Phoebe. I chose Phoebe as my protagonist because she's basically the main character in this novel other than Leonard.

One of the good choices she's made overall was that she went to Travis' house. When she went to Travis' house she found a clue that rite away struck her into knowing he had something to do with Leonard's disappearance. “It was peeking out from under a pile of random junk, just sitting there in plain sight on top of the dresser like anybody’s business-Leonard’s money clip.” (Pg. 350) She found evidence that no-one could have found but she did. This is by far the best decision shes made in the novel.

One of the bad choices she's made was when she took Leonard's little money clip that lead her to being accused of stealing it from Travis' house she also put it upon herself. At that moment she could have called the police without him knowing, and possibly getting to the bottom of everything and letting everyone know he killed Leonard, but she's caught up in feelings for him so she just tried the easy way to try not to get him into trouble.

Last but not least, another good decision Phoebe made was when in the beginning on the book she kept saying things about him in her head... she could have opened up to him more and tried to get to know him before any of this happened, which I'm positive it got her feeling like she regrets what she said to him.

Phoebe is not really the master of her own fate, but it's not her fault. It's not her fault because she couldn't really control what happened with having Leonard come live with her and her family, and couldn't control a lot of this that has happened throughout the novel. Overall I think this book isn't as good as people say, and the ending could have been a bit better.

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