Brad svanfelds 7h digital photography

value teamwork

What I did to make all of these photos I use pixlr to edit all them and the use tackk to write about them and to share them online and also about value

here we have a dog helping his owner cool off in the heat

I have added  a white boarder  put up the contrast  a bit and added a tiny bit of rain in background.

here we have a panda helping best friend to get up on something

Here I just added a sentence on the side and added a hole bunch of effects to make it look more colder

here we have these two dog help each other to get the burgers on the table

Here I just added some blurring around the photo to focus more on the middle of the photo and added a little bit of effects

here we have 7 people use teamwork in skydiving

here i added a crazy filter and a hole bunch of effects

Here I got all edited photos and put them in a simple collage

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