In Cold Blood pages 101-169

Chapter 2 "Persons Unknown"

Summary 101-169pgs

Pages 101-169 display events that occurred after the murders of the Clutter family. Investigation has already taken place and the pages start of with the former boy friend of Nancy Clutter, Bobby Rupp going through interrogation. Assumptions were raised. Who could've had so much resentment towards the Clutters as to follow through in an act of murder? It was certainly a perplexing scenario. Distrust tore the very fabric of the tightly knit community.

Meanwhile, the murderers, Perry and Dick were going on their trip to Mexico and Back. they write bad checks, steal and pawn things. Perry is constantly paranoid and his substance abuse of aspirin medication is worsening.

In these pages, Perry's past is revealed as he receives an upsetting letter from his sister.


This displays what Dick and Perry do while they are on the run. Dick chooses to use the money Dick and Perry have left over on alcohol. As it is shown they are managing their money poorly.


After the murder people began to distrust each other.

Perry is paranoid and thinks that they have evidence while Dick tries to convince him that everything is fine.

Perry lied about killing the African American in Las Vegas and feel extremely guilty for the Clutter murders.

Perry starts to realize that there is something wrong with them for killing


What connections can you make between the text and your life?

-We live in a somewhat small city

What other places or people could you compare this story to?

-modern murders that seem to be done without reason.

What other books or stories might you compare this one to?

-Lord of the Flies. They killed Piggy because they thought he was worthless.

What current trends or events are related to this section of the book?

-that people drink to have fun or a good time

Discussion Director

Did Truman Capote view the killers as mentally troubled criminals?

What kind of stress was put under detective Nye?

How did things change in Holcomb?

What was the tone of Barbara's letter to Perry?

Does Perry's past justify his character?

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