Monday March 9th

Sub Plans for Mr. Whalen

Hi everyone,

By the time you read this, I will be sitting at the United States District Court in Chicago. No, not because my money laundering scheme finally caught up with me.  A far less exciting reason...jury duty.  I could be gone for as little as one day but it could be all week(don't get too upset).  

The gift(and curse) of technology means that I can communicate exactly what needs to get accomplished in class while I am gone.  Use your time wisely.  All classroom expectations still apply(phones, behavior, etc.)

If I do get called to serve, I hope to share the experience of this underrated civic duty.

Consumer Ed.

1.  Resume Share-Take a few minutes to review your neighbors resume.  Remember that your resume will only be reviewed for about 30 seconds so choose what you put on your resume.  Make sure you use action verbs to describe any experiences you have that match your potential career.  

2.  Cover Letter-Now that you have your resume, you are ready to go out and start job hunting.  For this activity, you will use the "Cover Letter Template" Activity that is posted on Google Classroom.  Find an entry level position at a company that you would like to work for.  Dream big, why not!?!?  Locate the job description and build your cover letter using the template.  Make sure to highlight experiences that you have(or will have in the future) that match the job description.  

3.  Homework-Submit your cover letter for review when you are ready.  Also, read Chapter 4 in Freakonomics.   

Introduction to Business

1.  Entrepreneurship Research-You should have completed your Entrepreneurship Research assignment and be ready to introduce them to your classmates.  In your assigned groups(see below), take 1-2 minutes to share your slide deck about your entrepreneur and how they embody the characteristics developed in class(hard working, risk taking, innovative/creativity).  Once each person has shared, please turn in via Google Classroom.  

2.  Inside the Mind of Google-Ever wonder what happens when you type in a search to Google?  What do all of the ads on the side of  the page mean?  This documentary will take you inside Google and reveal some interesting strategies related to their business model.  While you are watching, please complete the questions at

Investment Strategies

1.  Stock Market Game-Now that you have completed your stock research, you are ready to buy some stock.  One flaw of the Stock Market Game is that it doesn't track in real time who much money you are spending.  Follow the directions on your Stock Cost worksheet for your initial stock purchases(use the current market prices).  I won't be able to check your purchases, so read the directions carefully

2.  Stock Trades-Once your Stock Cost assignment is complete, you are now ready to enter your trades.  For directions on trades, go to and enter them into your Stock Market Game portfolio.*

*The link also explains where to find trades after they are entered.  Trades made during the day will now show up in your account until the end of the trading day.  

3.  The Big Mac Empire-Think working at McDonalds doesn't pay?  Is McDonalds really only about burgers and fries?  Watch and enjoy the documentary "Inside the Big Mac Empire."  While you are watching, please complete the questions at