10 Gifts for Expectant Parents

So your friends are having a baby. That’s one of the best news around. However, you have no idea what to get them. Well, don’t despair. Look over a few of the suggestions we have for you and you’re sure to come up with a winning gift for the lovely couple in no time:

  • 1. Baby things.

Babies are cute but they’re also a money black hole and raising them could be expensive. So giving the parents a changing mat or crib or even milk bottles are sure to be a huge help. You could also opt for good children’s books, personalised blankies for the baby or cute onesies and outfits.

  • 2. Chocolate.

Expectant moms need plenty of vitamins. However, sweets are always welcome so make sure you give a few boxes to your pal.

  • 3. Time.

When the baby comes, your friends are going to be busy. If you can come over just to help out for an hour or two with the baby once or twice every month, that would be a great gift.

  • 4. A good confinement lady.

Help your friends find a good confinement lady. Ask around. Get recommendations and suggestions from people you know or trust. Hiring a confinement lady in Singapore is easy enough, but with your help, your friends will get it done faster and much more efficiently.

  • 5. Massage coupons.

Raising kids could be the least relaxing activity in the universe. Giving the new parents a day at the spa for couple treatments and relaxation would go a long way to giving you best pal status for an entire year.

  • 6. Artwork for the nursery.

Paintings or photos or murals on the walls are wonderful. The young parents might be too busy to decorate or have too many things to prepare for so having you there is handy. They’re sure to appreciate all the help you’ve got to offer.

  • 7. Dolphin music.

It’s the sound that dolphins make when they talk to each other. Yes, it sounds weird. But plenty of researches say the music is soothing to newborn babies. Give it a try. You could always sell it on Ebay later.

  • 8. Matching clothes.

Order one for the couple and the new baby. It’s a cute family gift and sure to earn you a few “awww” moments.

  • 9. Baby-sitting sessions.

Give your friends time to spend a nice evening together without the baby. Go and offer to babysit for them.

  • 10. Offer to take the video.

If you’re any great with cameras, then why don’t you volunteer as the family’s official photographer and promise to capture the momentous occasion when the time comes, with creative dreamy shots?