I am Nujood, age  10 and Divorced

   Nujood was a kid doing kid things and having fun, but all that changed when her dad decided to marry her off to a stranger. This was not fair because in the Indian culture when the woman or the girl are married off, the bride must do what ever the man says.(Like a slave, a piece of property) If the man asks for a sandwich  (the man will not ask for a sandwich, he will demand a sandwich) the wife will have to obey and get the man a sandwich.

   Nujood had been taught all her life to say yes to everything and to be obedient, but at this point in her life she wanted to say no to marriage to save her childhood and her freedom.  Nujood's mother was forced into marriage at age 16 and had sixteen kids (most of which died early on or in birth.) The family had many mouths to feed and the father Ali was the only source of income for the family with his livestock. The house the family lived in was a cottage that had no electricity, no running water and no telephone to communicate with the outside world. Nujood's mother had each of her children at home on a matt because  the hospital was in the next town over. She gave birth to all of her kids at home on the  matt and the oldest daughter helped her cut the umbilical cord.

   Nujood was totally dazzled by all the gifts she got before the wedding. New dresses, fancy gifts, etc. She didn't really understand what it meant to be married.   On Nujoods wedding night she was raped by her groom, and her mother in law beat her locked her in a room and said if you don't behave I will beat you harder. Nujood decided to escape all this & walked to the nearest town with a courthouse to ask for a divorce.  When Nujood was going into the court house grounds she was invisible to all the politicians coming in and out of the court house as she was to small  to be noticed. As she walked her way thought the sea of people she thought about what to say and do once she was in the court house. Once she'd gone into the court house, a woman in all black approached her. The woman was fairly kind to her and was starting to escort her out of the court house when Nujood asked to see the judge and she was very persistent with asking to see the judge. The woman finally said, "follow me". The door opened onto a room full of people, and at the far end, behind a desk, sat a thin-faced man with a mustache. It was  the judge at last. She sat down, rested her head against the back of the chair, and awaited her turn.

    “And what can I do for you?” A man’s voice roused her from her dozing. It was a curiously gentle voice. She rubed her face and recognized, standing in front of her, the judge with the mustache. The room was almost empty.

“I want a divorce.”

   There was a huge up roar in the town after this incident and Nujood and her family got kicked out of their home because Nujood had asked for a divorce. After getting a call from a long lost brother, Nujood found a child rights activist lawyer and told the lawyer her case.The lawyer agreed to help her and they filed for a divorce. Nujood  got her wish in the end and was granted the divorce from her 30 year old husband. She won the women of the year award and now is goes all over the world speaking about the injustices of women and girls in her culture to help other girls in the same situation.   Nujood  wrote a book with the help of French artist and the book made Nujood thousands of dollars but the money was sent to her dad and her dad didn't give her a dime.The father refused to pay for her education and so this forced Nujood to ask to leave early from school saying she was sick.

(Nujood in Yemeni)

This is Nujood (left) after the divorce was approved.(right) her little sister who's name was not mentioned in the text.(far left) is a unidentified person. Probably the mother or sister.

In this song no one cares about her plight. But she is brave and fights for herself and wins.

This is Nujood's X-husband his name is Faez Ali Thamer a man in his 30's

This is a short explanation of her outcome.

This is Nujood (left) and her mother (right) giving Nujoods speech for the women of the year award.

Nujood was raped on her wedding night by the groom.The mother in law locked her in a room beat her and said "if you don't behave I will beat you harder."

This was Nujood Ali's mother in law.

This is Yemeni the place were Nujood grew up in.

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