The Moons Importance!
Whitney Howerton
5th Hour

The moons role.

When the shadow of earth moves across the moon it is called a lunar eclipse. When the moon moves between the earth and sun, it was a small shadow on the earth that is called a solar eclipse. Tides are the rise and fall od sea levels caused by the combined effects of gravity. There are 8 different phases. New moon, waxing crescent, 1st quarter, waxing crescent, full moon, waning gibbons, 3rd quarter, and waning crescent.

Moon phases effect the earth by the shadow. It also allows us to have sun light and darkness. The phases of the moon are produced by the alignment  of the moon and the sun. It takes the moon 27.3 to go around the earth. Almost every day there will be a different phases.

Neap and spring are the types of tides. When the sun, moon, and earth from a right angle and the gravitational pull of sun counteracts the pull of the moon. The tides effect the earth by how big and small the tides are. They also make the water population bigger and small.

There are two types of eclipse solar and lunar eclipse. They occur about every 18 months. And the last for about 7 minutes and 31 seconds. The solar eclipse effects the earth by he wind. And the lunar eclipse effects it by the wind too.

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