Hey guys, it's me, Sakura102~! Anyways, I decided to make this tackk for a lot of my friends at school because they don't know what some words mean in texting. Like the abbreviations of them. These texting words I use down below are what I use, so please don't judge. Enjoy~!

Seri = seriously

gtg = got to go

ttyl = text to you later

nvm = never mind

ttfn = ta ta for now

YOLO = you only live once

wat = what

y = why

2 = to, too

ilysm = i love you so much

oml = oh my lord

omg = oh my gosh

lol = laugh out loud

rofl = rolling on floor laughing

rn = right now

k = okay

wbu = what 'bout you

r = are

l8r = later

cn = can

tmi = too much information

lmao = laughing my a** out

WTF = what the f***/where's the food

Dgaf = don't give a f***

ppl = people

ikr = i know right

ikt = i know that

lmk = let me know

ttyn = talk to you never

y2 = you too

Those are just a few texting things that you should now know~! Please favorite, retackk, share, and of course follow me if you haven't already. Love you guys~! Also, comment down below if you don't see a text abbreviation that you think is useful. ttyl~!

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Long live texting~!!!!📱💬

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@AlexisN loved em. thxs for telling me~!

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@mkynleahwalker idk i was bored back then :P