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Prepare for your English Exams Online with an award-winning teacher and teacher trainer who has been helping students to succeed in exams for the past twenty years.

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Sylvia Guinan is an English language teacher, teacher trainer, writer and blogger.

Sylvia spent many years teaching English to university students from Democritus University Thrace, before moving to Thassos with her family six years ago.
Since then she has launched her online teaching career, worked with teachers and students all over the world ,and she continues to influence professional development at major web conferences, such as The Electronic Village Online, The Reform Symposium, and Massive Open Online Teacher Training Courses.

A Picture Of My Experience and Teaching Interests

My Teaching Plan For You

This year I wish to streamline my time and energy so as to teach my own children more comfortably in the evenings. That's why I've decided to concentrate on the Greek time zone and university students who can do online lessons with me in the mornings.

My years of success in training students for exams and preparing them to study in Britain and elsewhere, makes this a practical solution for me and a wonderful opportunity for YOU.

Online Teaching In Action

British Council Awards

My blogs have been nominated several times by the British Council for my creative ideas with regard to exam preparation and for my innovative uses of educational technology.

How Does Online Learning Work?

Pictured with Jason.R. Levine, Shelly Terrell, and Chuck Sandy.

I can teach you privately one-to-one or in groups via skype, google hangouts or in a virtual classroom. All you need is a microphone. You don't need any knowledge of technology as I have a very simple system. I have access to whiteboards and I create multi-media, digital materials. I can scan traditional learning materials onto the screen, use authentic Cambridge ESOL online books, practice tests and  my own materials.

Apart from live online lessons, we also have a simple learning management system where I offer 24/7 learning support. For example, we can work with google docs in between lessons to share your essays or exercises and edit documents together.

My prices are reasonable as I've been working with students for years and we can make flexible arrangements.