Korean War

Jade Egbert 8th hour

Who: The war was against The North and South Korea.

What/ Why: Korea started out before WW2 as one but after the war it became two.The Korean War war started when the North invaded the South, it was the first act of the Cold War. Basically the only thing dividing the North from the South was the 38th Parallel. Most countries figured out it was a war on communism so they sort of stopped fighting. The North a had few allies Soviet Union, China, USSR. The South Korean allies where USA, Australia, United Nations. There wee no winners or losers in he war.

Where: The war was  in all of Korea.

When: The fighting was in 1950- 1953

Summary: North Korea invaded the south and fought. Later on they found out it was a war on communism. The war was from 1950-1953. The whole war took place over all of Korea.

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