We can stop it together!

AIDS is a really horrible syndrome, it attacks the immune system. In 2012 the UK had 390 confirmed people diagnosed with the syndrome. Almost 0.39% of people with HIV have AIDS.

The only way to get HIV's is by;

>Infected blood


>Vaginal Fluids

>Breast Milk

Many people with HIV then get AIDS which can ruin their life by them not being able to do stuff they used to do.

Here is a real life story from the

I was diagnosed on 10th January 2000 @4.30pm in Brighton after a long period of stomach problems - it was a complete shock. It was same day testing as this was arranged privately as I had private healthcare and was being done as a routine check.

The results were like as if I had been thrown up against a brick wall at 100 miles an hour. My levels were bad, my CD 4 was only 9, viral level was over 1.8 million - my world changed that split second forever.

Since then I have suffered TIA's, neuropathy in my legs and my stomach and my colon does not work properly but I keep positive even with every day my strength becoming weaker but I am thankful I am still alive and able to tell the tale.

I do have grave concerns re benefit and pension losses with the new assessments and I feel people with HIV may be assessed as FIT when I fact they are very much not fit and very much not well

This is a story by Ian with his heart breaking story.

World AIDS day is a great time to support all the people and the families of people with Aids!

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