Bioengineering & Biomedical

Kathryn Sampson

A doctor designing a fake leg!

     Bioengineering & Biomedical engineers specialized in medical engineering. You need a 4 year degree in college to be one. Usually these kind of engineers have degrees in chemical or electrical engineering and have taken multiple different kinds of pre-med classes. Some of these engineers even continue on the medical school and gets M.D's! Biomedical/Bioengineering engineers can sell their ideas to get the loans needed, solve problems creatively, and love to use their imagination to think about how to make things better and more improved. And a typical salary is around $86,000 a year, so this is a great job! You should definitely consider being this specialized engineer if you: like math and physics, have tenacity (won't give up even when discouraged), want to help people have higher quality lives, like to built mechanical things, and are fascinated with how things work!

     Bioengineering/Biomedical engineers have many different tasks. Some projects that people work on are: creating a prosthetic leg designed for children, grow vegetables that contain more nutrients, find a cure to cancer that doesn't cause bad side effects, grow tissues that help repair damage from heart attacks, and many more.

     I chose this engineer field because I find it the most intriguing. I just think its so cool to be able to make that big of an impact on the world. With this job, you get to save peoples lives and do amazing things that no other job can do. Like how cool is it to grow tissue!!?? and someday you could maybe even design a robot who can do surgeries! Or create an anti-biotic that cures pains, headaches & stomachaches all in one! There are just so many amazing things you can do with this job and I think it would be so fun and cool to be one of these.

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