The 12 Powerful Words

By: Keona Crowell

All the definitions and examples came from:

Trace= to list in steps.
Ex: Trace the history of the development of the airplane from the Wright Brother's first flight to modern airplanes. Make a timeline.

Analyze= to break it down.
Ex: Analyze the math problem at show all your work.

Infer= read between the lines
Ex: What can you infer by looking at this picture?

evaluate= to judge
Ex: I evaluated your book report and gave it an A+!

Formulate= build & create
Ex: Formulate a plan to deal with the huge amount of trash the school generates.

Describe= to tell all about something/someone
Ex: Describe to me how this man looked.

Support= to back it up
Ex: Now you need to support your answer.

Explain= why
Ex: Explain what happened during lunch today.

Summarize= the short version
Ex: Summarize the entire story for homework today.

Compare= things that are alike
Ex: Compare cars to trucks.

Contrast= things that are different
Ex: Contrast cars to trucks.

Predict= think about the future
Ex: Predict what will happen next in the story.