Hydrogen is used in many ways but the most important is water. H2O is the formula for water. Two hydrogen and one oxygen (sold separately). You must have water to survive and use for many other reasons.

         Hydrogen can also be used as a weapon. It is literally the bomb! It is used to make hydrogen bombs. They are weapons with enormous destructive power. It is also highly flammable and will burn in air at a very wide range of concentrations. Hydrogen has also been used for fuel.

        If you want to go faster on your trip, hydrogen is used for fuel in rockets since it is flammable. Hydrogen is one of the most cleanest fuels because when it burns, it becomes simply water. Now you can go fast and not worry about pollution. It is also no more of a hazard as gasoline.

        Hydrogen's atomic number, mass number, group, and period are all 1. This is because hydrogen is the first to be listed on the periodic table. Its symbol is H and the atomic mass is 1.00794.

  • Most Important: Only element that can make water.
  • Mass Number: 1
  • Common Uses: Water
  • Symbol: H  
  • Weapons: hydrogen bomb, highly flammable
  • Atomic Number: 1
  • Atomic Mass: 1.00794
  • Period: 1
  • Group: 1
  • Nonmetal

Cation: very flammable-keep away from small children

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