Careers Final Project

What do you want to be when you grow up? Part 1

You have spent a lot of time researching several different careers that may be of interest to you as you grow up!  One of the first things you'll have to do to pursue a job, is complete a resume.  A resume is: a detailed description of who you are. It gives a potential employer a glimpse of WHO you are as an individual and what schooling, work history, character traits and experiences  would make you a candidate for a job.  

Your final task is 2 parts: part one is to decide on 1 job that really interest you, and create a resume highlighting why you would be an excellent employee for that particular job.  

You can choose to do a digital resume (green button below) OR you can have your teacher print out a hard copy that you will write on instead.  Your teacher will explain how important it is to make sure your resume is accurate in every way.  If employers see mistakes, they will not look at your resume, as it indicates that you didn't take your time and really "DON'T" care about getting the position.  

What do you want to be when you grow up? Part 2

The final part of this unit is to create something to show what your career would be like.  How you demonstrate your knowledge about the career is up to you.  (You can present, create a google slide presentation, iMovie, Smore flyer or any other method of showing your knowledge. (Check with your teacher if you have a different idea!)

Click the link to see the requirements for your final project (CLICK HERE) *You'll want to put a picture of the checklist in your Notability.