The making of the hydraulic project.

In this stage of the project I am at the part were I'm constructing it. In order to make this scissor lift and mechanical arm structure I will need to make :

A box / base

Two scissor lifts

A platform

Mechanical arm


And swing



The base: The base is included in this project because it is a place for the rest of the project to stand on while it's doing it's jobs to achieve  its make it I have got a cookie box and I filled it up will would then tapped the top of it down.

Scissor lift: To make this u have to get four Popsicle sticks and pock three holes in them. Left middle and right then make two X's with then and attach the X's together. Do that again so you have two scissor lifts then stick in thumb tacks were you made the X's and to attach them.

Platform: the platform is to keep the arm in place wile in action. Cut out two square pieces of cardboard glue them one on top of the other and glue it on top of scissor lift.

Mechanical arm: I found a long piece of wood with a hole. Now get a popsicle stick cut it in half and on the two ends pock a hole . Put the wood between the ends then To attach the arm stick a piece of wire through all four holes and bend the wire so it won't move.

Hook: The hook is made up of two ornament hooks tapped together. String  a pice of string through the loop in the hook and glue it to the mechanical arm .

Swing: The purpose  of this protect is to lift something  up and that object is a swing. To create it u have to lay down six Popsicle sticks next to each other and glue then so when u stand it up it looks like a fence. Then glue two ends of popsicle sticks and the ends that are not attached should be about 60-70 degrease apart. Do it again so you have two , once it drys glue then on to the the end of the six sticks so it looks like triangles. To make it grab-able glue one stick on top of both triangles.

Tower: The object have to be high up so I'm making a tower. Cut out a square cardboard and on each corner glue a popsicle stick upward the glue a zigzag pattern between two sticks using sticks.


Base: I used a cookie box instead of making one with cardboard.

Scissor lift: I used thumb tacks rather then coper wire

Swing: the arm is picking up a swing not a box with a loop.

The pic wouldn't work

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