Activity 2
HOW Far Do You Travel?
Box And whisker
After analyzing the data this is what I discovered.The Mean of the data is 11.35. The Median of the data is 11. The Mode of the dATA IS 15. tHE Lowerquartile of the data is 6.5. The Upperquartile of the data is 15.

Activity 4:

This Is Was My Invention:

The Product provides Easy and fast transporation.This product will be sOLD FOR About $1,500. I COLLECTED data FROM 15 INDIVIDUALS on what tHEY woULD pay for the product.

When surveyed participants were statisfied with my product. All of the participants said they would buy my product for around $1000-$2000. The only thing the particpants didn't like was the size; they would of liked a bigger product.

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