#Ecoflow #Tackkthursday

Give 5 types of ecosystems and describe each.

1. Aquatic- The ocean is very aquatic.

2. Deserts- The desert is very dry and is hot most of the time.

3. Forests- The forest has so many trees that you can get lost.

4. Grasslands- The farmer lived on the grasslands.

5. Tundra- The tundra was so cold that most of the land is frozen.


1. decomposer - an organism or a soil with bacterium, fungus, or invertebrate, that decomposes organic material.

2. Consumer- an animal eats plants or other animals.

3. Ecosystem- a system formed by the interaction of a community oforganisms with their environment.

4. producer- a person that produces goods and services.

5. food chain- A  system where the smallest being fed upon by the larger one, which in turn feeds a still larger one.

6. biotic- Life

7. abiotic- characterized toward the way of life or living organisms.

8. adaptation- something produced by adapting.

Short Answer

9. Some examples of biotic factors in a wetland are animal are a part of the ecosystem.

10. Some examples of abiotic factors in a wetland ecosystem are plants.

11.  Grass > Insects > elk > Wolves > People

12. Sunlight and leaves in the food chain

13. What eats what or kills

14. Decomposers feed of a lower food chain and plants

15. It effects fish and egg devolpment therefore the postive is it helps agriculture

16.Wetlans are natural sponges that absorb and release water when needed.

17. Margins of lakes, rivers, and oceans protect the shoreline from erosion

18. It brings animals and plants for things above the food chain that can feed off of those things in wetlands

19. Recreation, ground charge discharge and recharge, sorce of income, and flood control