20 Best JavaScript Frameworks for Programmers

Basically, JavaScript Frameworks are already written libraries in JavaScript consisting of the best of the features of JavaScript programming. Using frameworks which are written in JavaScript simplifies a developer’s work as it provides numerous functions and features which help the web developers to enhance their website and bring it up a notch.

These JavaScript libraries enrich our websites with lots of beautiful and effective features which leave the visitor awestruck. By making the script re-usable and not making one write the same code again and again, JavaScript Frameworks really reduce a web developer’s headache by making the web application development process hassle free and simpler. This proves to be very effective in respect to time and cost. It also reduces complexity of the task as the developer only has to call the required functions instead of coding all the complex functions from the ground up.

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There are various useful and effective JavaScript Frameworks available over the web. But finding them might be a difficult task. Hence, we took the liberty of compiling a list of the top best JavaScript Frameworks for you to browse through and select the ones that meet your requirements.

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