By Ryan King


Columbia was founded on July 20th in 1810.

Colombias president is juan manuel santos-

Why does it look like hes wearing makeup?

columbias native language is spanish

columbias life expectancy is about 74 years old, its population is 48 million people, and it lies in South America.

The top 3+ major land forms of Columbia are the Pacific Ocean, Andes Mountains and the Cordillera Oriental.

The top 3 major cities are Bogota, santiago de cali, medellin.

the average temperature in colombia is 74 degrees

the average amount of rainfall in colombia is 4-70 inches a year

Popular music in colombia is SHAKIRA!!!

The major sport in Colombia is soccer

The major ethinic groups are mulattoes and amerindian.

it is illegal to wash your car on the street,

native animals are the eastern gray and the pirahna

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