Red-Green Colorblindness

By Aamir Ali, Michael Robertson, Taylor Eggers

How is it Detected?

Color blindness is usually detected by using a chart full of color called Ishihara Test Plates. It has a bunch of gray and colored dots. The patient is asked to find the number in the middle. There may be additional testing after the plate test. This test might not be use full on young children because it only has numerals.

What percent people have this

What causes red-green color blidness

Accidents or strokes that damage the retina or affect particular areas of the brain eye can lead to  color blindness. Some medications such as antibiotics, anti-tuberculosis drugs, high blood  pressure medications, and several medications used to treat nervous disorders and psychological problems may cause color blindness.

What is red-green color blindness?

There is no treatment or cure for color blindness, that we know about

Is there a cure for red-green color blindness?

Red Green color blindness means you have trouble seeing red, green, or lue or blue and a mix of the colors. It’s rare that a person sees no color at all.Color blindness is also called a color vision problem.color blindness can change your life forever it is hard to read and learn with color blindness.

This is what apples look like if your red green color blind

What is Color Blindness?

Color blindness is an abnormal condition characterized by the inability to

distinguish different colors

Can it be passed down from parents to offspring?

Yes, the red-green color blindness is carried in the X-chromosome meaning it is passed from mom to offspring

Is it recessive or dominant?

8% men and 0.5% women suffer from this disorder

The genetic disorder that we are doing is Red-green colorblindness

Fun Facts!!!!!

Red-Green colorblindness is the most common colorblindness.

This is the key for a pedigree chart for red-green colorblindness


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