DAAAA Egyptians geography

Andrew Gajdzik 2-28-14

the nile flooded every year allowing the Egyptians to plant crops and food

the Egyptians had great geography they for one they had the great nile and the nile floods every year leaving great soil allowing the Egyptians to plant crops every year. they also had the nile to help them trade and get richer. and with the nile it alowed them to basicly survive. one other great geogerpy is that they had the desrt by them. the desert alowed them to have protection with out really an army because if you try and attack them you will eather be egohsted when you get there or you'll just die before you got there. and some people didnt even know they were alive. so that alowed them to build great things like the pyimids and the great phonks. so in conclusion the Egypt's geography was great for back then.

the desert around egypt alowed almost no one to attack them

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