Exploration Proposal

Exploration from France to North America

I, Jefin Jose, plan on traveling from this very country, France, to the Americas. I am from France. I am hopefully going to set off on this journey next summer in 1681. Today, in 1680, I come to you to ask in favor of your capital so can travel the Atlantic Ocean.

King Louis XIV (the king at the time),  if you give me your capital, I will use it to travel west from the Bay of Biscay to Quebec, Canada.  

Supplies needed

I am probably going to need 2 ships with seventy-five people in each ship. I am probably going to need food that can last one hundred- fifty men about three weeks or so; just until he reach land.

Bay of Biscay to Quebec, Canada

Unlike England who is searching for gold, I will search for furs we like used to. This is because of the huge population of furry animals which I can use to make fur pelts and hats.  Unfortunately,  Spain is also searching for furs. I can deal with them by simply trading with them instead of fighting for our lives like all the other European countries. The same goes for the American Indians.


I will also search for wood which is hopefully a very abundant resource that we can cut down and  bring back to France and use to make shelter. No one else is looking for this in North America.

Navigation tools

Based off of other failed exploration trips, I have learned that some of the problem they faced was bad navigation. Tools like this just told them which way was which. Luckily we just to travel slightly northwest. We just need a map. Please consider donating for this trip.

Thanks for Consideration!

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