Miley Cyrus

Does Miley have personality disorder?

Miley shows signs of Borderline personality disorder.

-disturbed thinking and actions

-abnormal behavior

-hyper sexuality

-lack of impulse control

-mood swings

-drug use

-compulsive spending

-irritability and argumentative behavior

-difficulty sleeping

-hoarding animals

The DSM noted this disorder with all of these examples.

Factors of this disorder may be her busy work schedule and a result of her fiancé pulling the plug on their relationship. 75% of Borderline personality disorder diagnosis' are in females. This disorder is also associated with substance abuse.

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3 years ago

I like that you had a photo signifying a before and after. But there was a lack of information giving proof about her disorder, or proof that any real evaluation was made.

3 years ago

There isnt alot of proof behind the claims ~Aidan, Jade, and Rachael

3 years ago

Your examples are not well explained.-ashley and alyssa

3 years ago

explain your examples a little better