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* Imports-In southern and eastern Afghanistan grapes, oranges, melons, pomegranates, apricots, peaches and many other varieties of fruits of the highest quality.

* Exports-Opium to make morphine and other legal and illegal drugs. And also fruits, nuts, handwoven carpets, wool, cotton, hides and pelts, precious and semi-precious gems

*Electricity-voltage-In Afghanistan the standard voltage is 220 V. The standard frequency is 50 Hz. The power sockets that are used are of type C / F. Below you find pictures of these power sockets and corresponding plugs.


This land is Afghanistan - It is the pride of every Afghan

The land of peace, the land of the sword - Its sons are all brave

This is the country of every tribe - Land of Baluch, and Uzbeks

Pashtoons, and Hazaras - Turkman and Tajiks with them,

Arabs and Gojars, Pamirian, Nooristanis

Barahawi, and Qizilbash - Also Aimaq, and Pashaye

This Land will shine forever - Like the sun in the blue sky

In the chest of Asia - It will remain as the heart for ever

We will follow the one God - We all say, Allah is great, we all say, Allah is great

* cost of things: american and Afghanistan

*cost of thing compared to america

$ 1

؋ 55.6

$ 3

؋ 167

$ 5

؋ 278

$ 10

؋ 556

$ 50

؋ 2780

$ 100

؋ 5560

$ 200

؋ 11120

$ 500

؋ 27800

$ 1000

؋ 55600

$ 3000

؋ 166800

$ 5000

؋ 278000                                        Groups of Afghanistan

*The overwhelming majority of Afghans (about 99 percent) are Muslims. About 84 percent of Afghan Muslims are Sunnites and about 15 percent are Shiites.

*The Tajiks (Tadzhiks), are the second largest ethnic group in Afghanistan. They live in the valleys north of Kabul and in Badakhshan. They are farmers, artisans, and merchants.

*The Tajiks speak Dari (Dari is the original language prior to Farsi then later the name was changed to Persian by the Iranians), also an Indo-European language and the other official language of Afghanistan.

*Best time to travel to Afghanistan- You should never travel there because of the war and people. same for young girls and boys.

*passport- Go to embassy in Kabul

*Visa cost- Go to Denmark, Norway,Finland,Iceland

*Full country name- Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

*Area- 647,500 square kilometers and 251,772 square miles

*population- 31,900,000 people

*Natural hazards- Earthquakes, drought, landslides, sandstorms

*passport- Go to embassy in Kabul

*Full country name- Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

*Area- 647,500 square kilometers and 251,772 square miles

* Capital City-Kabul River, about 483 km (300 mi) long. Strategically located and more than 3,000 years old.

* Type of government- Islamic Republic

* Time in the country- current time utc+4:30

* Foods- mantu are steamed fat dumplings cooked in onion beef, rice, bread, spices, ex. tea favorite drink.

* Climate- very humid night reaches 90%

* Life expectancy- male 63 to 69 years for woman

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