2015 We've Made It Into The Future

2015 Holds lots of things for me. 2015 is the year where along the way I'll become more educated than I was a year ago. 2015 is the year where I will soon accomplish my goals and dreams. Along the way I'll make new memories and move on from my past . It's the year where my future lays. The world also holds freedom and many opportunities for me. It gives me hope that one day we'll have world peace and also that one day someone will come up with a cure for cancer and many other diseases. Because of what's going on in the world now that's just makes me more stronger.

26 years from now I think our world would look completely different from modern day today. Better Technology will develope for example flying Drones everywhere. Remote controlled airplanes. Robots walking amongs us helping us with our basic needs . The streets would look more different. There's going to be more cities and less suburbs. I predict that by the year 2041 everything will get much more easier. Programmed robots will take care of everything we order them to do.