Types of Concentration Camps

Overview: There were many concentration camps throughout Germany and Poland where many Jewish were sent to either work or die. But there is also many types of concentration camps. Some of these types are the work camps and extermination camps.

In Work Camps, people were pushed to their limits with constant moving and heavy lifting. The conditions were terrible and the hope of death was expected by the Nazis. More than 14 million people were sent to these camps by 1945. Many of these camps were located throughout all of Nazi controlled Europe.

Extermination camps were the last stop for the Jewish during WWII. They were the worst of all the camps. Most, if not all, Jewish that ended up in one of these camps were sentenced to immediate death. This is where the Jewish were either put into gas chambers or burned in a pit.   

This video shows what life was like in concentration camps during WWII and how bad the conditions in the camps were.  

Map of concentration camps located throughout Nazi controlled Europe

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