Mark Twain

By clay Andrew hensley

Introduce paragraph

I'm going to tell you about my famous missourian  Mark Twain. I was a hunter. I was a famous deer hunter. I hunt everything in the world.

About Mark twain

My dad died from a pheumonia. When I was 15 I got a job from my brother.I served in the army and that didn't work out so I headed west with my brother and I advenchally made my way to synfrisisco.I was a famous jernalist and a famous deer hunter.I saild across the mississippi river for a living.I was a gangster,prangster,and a gambler.I was the american of america englisher.I did twenty five years of scailing.I was in war.I made a crewel live to others.I was born November 30,1835.

                      quotes from Mark twain

My famous quotes were always obey your superiors if you have any.There is no saddle thing than a young pessimist except an old otimist.May you always keep your promisses.Man is this only animals that blushes or needs to.We ought to never do wrong when people are looking.Be good and you will be lonesome law.Always do right .This will graitliey some  people and astonish the rest.