Romeo & Juliet: A Tragedy

Act IV, Friar Lawrence, Jewoo Han. A day action must be taken, Juliet must be with Romeo tonight till dawn. Oh how terrible has the situation become, Romeo to banished forever from Verona's walls and Juliet to be taken away by the man Paris. The world collapses as these families fall, There can only be one way. With the douse of a drug Juliet will feign her death, together with Romeo shall they escape through this brilliant plan. My hope's now lie upon Friar John who will take the message and seal the strategies. There is only couple of hours left until Juliet is wed, I must attend her fake funeral to avoid suspicion. Friar John must deliver or we all may be doomed. The bells have been sounded, Juliet is unconscious. The family is at panic but I force a facade of frown which disguises a smirk of my genius as the plan slowly unfolds. I do not wish to be in her shoes, to be laid down next to her dead and rotting kin, may god be with us, and may he watch over the young lovers with benevolent will. With this time I wait, oh by the heavens this must not fail.

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