The Red Kayak Project

                        By The Awesome Group Bibek, Pran, Rajan, Andreus

The Author Priscilla Cummings.

Priscilla Cummings living in touch with nature, the smell of fresh pine after it had rained and the sound of happy dogs barking she loved it. Her most favourite activity was going mountain climbing with her dad. She especially loved writing books about animals and reading them about animals. Her most favourite book to read now and will always be charlotte's web by E.B White. She would try to write sad stories just so that the reader would know how the character is feeling in that exact moment. And for the reader to feel as if they were in the book. She was very well known because of her picture book Chadwick the Crab.

Priscilla Cummings actually lived on a farm with 3 other children in Western Massachusetts.

The setting of the Red Kayak

The Chesapeake Bay is located in the U.S. It is by neighbouring rivers like the Corisica or the Piankatank. Since their is many crabs and fish in the Chesapeake, it is filled with commercial fishermen crabbing and fishing.

Character Introductions

1.Brady is a young very hardworking teenager. Brady lives by the Chesapeake bay and Corisica river with his mom and dad. He is recalled as a hero by saving a boy named Ben. And being the youngest person ever to have a commercial fishing license at age 9. Brady is a very adventurous young man. He has a dog named Tilly and when they are together nothing can stop them. He has 2 friends J.T and Digger. He has a cousin named Carl who drops him off at school.  

2.Digger is a muscular and athletic young man. He is always willing to protect his friends from anything. He would especially protect his younger siblings like his brother Hank. Diggers real name is Michael Griswald. His parents don't get along that well. They fight almost everyday. One night Digger and his brothers and sisters had left their house in the middle of the night and ran away to their uncles house just to get away from their parents fighting. And Digger has a fueling rage inside him, because of the DiAngelos buying his grandpas farm. And he swears revenge against them.

3.J.T is a smart and athletic person. He is more of a computer nerd than athletic. He helps his family a lot by working at his chicken farm day and night. He needs to do extra because his father is in the hospital because of kidney failure. And he needs to donate one of his kidneys to his father for him to survive. J.T is a very good friend to Brady, but something tears them apart.

4.Character Changes.

All the characters have changed a lot ever since the start of the book. For example Brady he is now a hero and now since his friends are going to some kind of reform school. And by the end of the book Brady now accepts Bens death. Brady went through a long train ride of emotions and that helped him discover the truth of Bens death. For Digger he became more violent, when he and Brady were arguing he started acting as if he were a demonic animal in his tone of voice. But he still had a soft spot for his siblings. J.T in the tone of his voice after Brady saved Ben when he went to his house was more like he was scared of something, like being caught and he sounded really desperate. And he sounded like it would be easier to be manipulated and blackmailed.

1.Character vs Character

Brady vs Digger. When Brady and Digger were arguing they were talking about the death of Ben and who caused it and Digger was the one who did it, but Brady was torn between doing the right thing. Or keeping a normal friendship going with his friends. And this caused Brady a lot of grief and confusion because he really liked Ben but he is dead, and it would be wrong not to tell anyone. But he needed to do something. So he did what was right and told the police and his parents. It took him some time to find the strength inside him to break his relationship with his friends and do what is right.

The picture is a reenactment of Brady and Digger

Character vs Nature AKA Brady vs Nature

Brady had a connection with the river as it was a place for him to relieve stress and emotional pain. But now its just a reminder of Ben's death to him. He had screamed at the river to let out his anger but it just caused even more grief for him. After he had found the red kayak. He made a tough decision. To tell his family or not. He made the decision not to but a few months later he recalls his decision and tells his family about it. So Brady and his dad go bring the kayak out of the water with an oyster catcher. So he soon realizes that there are holes in the kayak, and he is now suspicious.

Brady vs Nature reenactment.

Character vs Self         Brady vs Mind

In the book Brady deals with many forms of sadness and depression. He had a large fight with his mental self to get out of depression. He had many mental breakdowns but he just got back up and kept going to achieve his goal. Who killed Ben. He had many hard decisions to make like to turn his friends into the police or not. He had a large flashback about his friends on his way to rhode island. He thought about how everything would change with one decision. He thought about how his relationship with his friends would be destroyed if he turned his friends in, but it was the right thing to do. And Brady is proud about it. But overall he has had many mental crisis's and struggles but he has gotten over them, he even tried running away from his problems thinking they would go away but they didn't so he took control of his life and solved his problems and disputes he even accepted Bens death.

Brady vs His own self reenactment

Charcter vs Society

Digger vs the court. In court Digger was mostly pitted against. Because he was the real culprit who killed Ben. He was mostly pitted against by many people because of the evidence against him. he had a large struggle in court but he failed the battle and now lives in a reform camp. He probably thought why he had done, what he had done because it had caused a lot of emotional pain to many people especially Brady after hearing that ben died. He probably did it because it was in the moment type of thing he did something and he thought that it wouldn't do anything but it caused a whole heap of trouble. He also pure pressured J.T into being a lookout for him, by blackmailing him by saying. "If you don't do this for me I will not protect you from your bully Curtis".

Grief is a long lasting emotional pain. It can be triggered through a traumatic experience like a loved ones death. It has 5 stages denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. In the novel grief was dealt with in different ways. Brady the main character was the person who dealt with grief the most in the book. He used different ways to try to deal with grief. Like running away from his problems and having some time to himself. He tried letting his anger out on the corisica river by screaming at it. It only helped him a little bit, but immediately after he started crying. It helped by releasing his frustration and anger.

Friendship is the relationship between two people who care about each other a lot, for example Brady and his friends J.T and Digger. Friends always lookout for each other. But in the novel it was different Brady and his friends all cared for each other, but later in the book the friendship was losing its respect for one another. Because by the part when Brady saved Ben they all stopped interacting with each other. By the time Brady and his friends went to court, Digger purposely blackmailed his friend J.T into being a lookout for him, when Digger was drilling holes into Mr. DiAngelos kayak. So by the end of the novel Brady's friendship with his friends was completely severed.

A man from old Greece named Sophocles once said that the truth is the most strongest argument. It can be used to manipulate people's minds. To do the right thing is hard especially if it can really emotionally hurt someone. It is especially hard because once you say it theres no turning back. Just like how Brady said "Once I say something I can't take it back".  To tell the truth, it means that you are not a person that makes up stories and lies about what actually happened.

The score we give this book overall is 4/5. The reasoning behind this is that, by the ending, the battle in the court was not that long. J.T and digger just gave up. They did not even try to fight back. J.T and Digger just confessed right away. We had high hopes for it being more climactic and exciting. The book was a very descriptive, but it did not have that much action at the end. Just like we said, Digger and J.T just gave up.

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