Kenston Middle School
7th Grade Highlights

By: Ben Knapik

Top 10 Moments of 7th Grade

1. Camp

Camp is the highlight of the 7th grade year. You start the year waiting for camp and end the year wishing you could do it again. Camp starts halfway through Monday and ends halfway through Friday. In that time you have all you can eat buffets, fun activities, and tons of free-time. There is only one catch; you have to fill out a 20 page journal.

2. Rusty Museum

The Rusty Museum is not what it sounds like. During the year, you read a book called Uglies. The setting is a Utopia in the future. To them, our civilization was very barbarian, and they call us the Rusties. for the project, you are posing as Pretty historians and have to analyze rusty objects.

3. Monomyth: The Road of Trials Activity

Oh, no! Mrs. Krisfalusy has been taken some evil trolls! Your job is to complete the activities to save her. Will you succumb to Mr. Barr before you even begin? Will you fail the challenges? It is up to you, but if you fail you may never see Mrs. Krisfalusy ever again.

4. Radio Drama

The has been an apocalypse!!! Your job is to broadcast news to the world with weather reports and reporters on the ground!

5. Outsiders Day

In class you will read the outsiders. In this activity which gang will you choose, the Rich Socs or the Poor Greasers? Socs and Greasers compete to see who's gang is the best at Outsiders trivia.

6. Teacher vs. Student Basketball Game

The teacher versus student basketball game is seen by all of the middle school, but it is still a highlight. It is the one sport that the teachers are actually good at, and it was a fast paced game to watch.

7. Mary Poppins Musical

Anyone can watch this musical, but it was a very good performance, and it was worthy of being #7 on the list. The students worked very hard to bring it together, and it was almost the same as the professional version.

8. Monomyth Videos

The videos you see in class are very likely to make you laugh.

9. Weather study in Science

You make a thermometer, hydrometer, barometer, wind vane, and anemometer and monitor the weather.

10. Watching Videos in Social Studies

Do you think that world history is boring? Not with John green! John Green World History is a great video that introduces your subject in 10 minutes. Be prepared for fast talking. get ready for the Middle Ages!!! You will learn to like British humor after listening to Monte Python: The Quest for the Holy Grail

My Precept

Some Opportunities Only Come Once, But The Fear To Try Something New Will Never go Away. Ignore That Feeling!!!

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