WWI Pamphlet

-Causes of WWI

Alliances: over time Countires began to form alliances with each other in case of a war. This means that if one country was attacked, their allies would jump in and fight for them.

Imperialism: throughout time Countires would acquire land to become more powerful. Target countries like Africa amd Asia were at high value for their resources.

Militarism: the advancement of weapons during world war 1 was a great contribution to the expansion of militaries. Great Britian had a powerful navy system. Germnay was building or their military as well. Some countries could not industrialize like them so they were slow to the fight like Russia.

Nationalism: all Countires wanted to be the most powerful leading them to feel the need to show their dominance through nationalism.

Assassination of the Archduke: WWI was bound to happen but was waiting for the spark to set it off. The assassination of archduke Franz Ferdinand was that spark that set off the war.

New weapons: a great deal of advance weapons contributed to the new era of war that we experienced in WWI. Weapons like tanks and submarines were new forms of transportation while supplying protection and power. Machine guns and Chemical weapons were alos of importance.

The battle of the mare river was the first battle that took place on the French soil that was between the French and the Germans. The Germans planed to attack France first and put all their focus on them while they let Russia industrialize and get their act together. This was wrong assumption as Russia industrialized very quickly and ruined what was known as the Schlieffen Plan.

The battle of Somme took place after the Germans invaded Belgium without permission to get a better attack angle at the French. As soon as they invaded without permission, Great Britian joined the fight to stick up for the unwilling Belgium country.

The battle of Verdun was the first war fought by the French and the German armies which ended in a French victory which alos contributed to the schlieffen plan as the Germans underestimated how easy it would be to take down the French.

Total War was a tragic time period In which the civilians of the country would be forced to be active in the war efforts. This put them in harms way and was detrimental to the country.

Propaganda was one of the biggest things that was informed in WWI with governments influencing people to join the war and contribute to the war efforts through posters as seem below.

The treaty of Brest Litovsk was the treaty that ultimately took Russia out of the war. Russia was weak through the war as they did not plan for such a long war and were running out of reinforcements and was having a cival war inside it's own walls.

The treaty of Versailles was the peace treaty that ended the fight between Germany and the allied powers.