The ABC's of Culture:

The United States

Created by: Mrs. Serna

The United States is located on North America. It is surrounded by Canada, Mexico, the Pacific Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean.


- Personal appearance is a very important aspect of life to the American individual! Most Americans generally feel free to wear whatever they want to.

- Attire for work varies across the states and the different jobs one may have. Most offices require suits for men and dress pants/skirts for women.

- Accessories are very popular for men and women to wear in America--from jewelry to hats to scarfs to sunglasses!  Some men and women can afford to buy designer accessories like Coach, Gucci, or Michael Korrs, etc.

It is very common for American women to seek fashion advice from popular magazines!


- The average household in America used to be a father, mother, and two or more children.  However, in recent society, there has been an increase of married couples without children, single-parent households, same-sex couples, and unmarried couples.

- Parents offer their children protection, guidance, and emotional and financial support but also encourage independence.

- When parents grow older, many move in to the homes of their children or the children will put their parents in a retirement or nursing home.

Many kids leave the house for the first time around 18 years old (after high school). Some children move away to receive a higher education.


- The United States has a republic form of democracy that is governed by a constitution.

- Free elections have always determined the country's government leaders, and citizens can vote at the age of 18.  

- The United States has two main political parties:  Democrats and Republicans.  Currently, the President of the United States is Barack Obama--a member of the Democratic party.

The White House is located in Washington, D.C. The President of the United States lives here, and federal laws for the country are signed into action here.


- Pop music is the most popular form of music in the country. Rock and roll, country, jazz, and the blues all originated in the United States.

- Concerts and festivals are a common use of recreational time.

- The Grammy's, Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards, Country Music Awards (CMAs), and Video Music Awards (VMAs) are popular award ceremonies that honor well-known musicians across the country. Most American musicians strive to win a Grammy--the most prestigious award!

Maroon 5, a popular pop band in the United States.


- Most American families will take 1-2 vacation trips in a given year.

- Popular destination choices for vacations are visiting a state/country with a different climate, like a tropical beach or the mountains.  Many Americans also take vacations to amusement parks--the most popular one being Disney World in Florida.

- Most students have a two month summer break from school.

Hawaii, a popular vacation destination in America--well-known for their beautiful beaches!


- One "Principle of Culture" with a description of how it relates to the culture within the United States.

- One "Principle of Culture" with a description of how it relates to the culture within the United States.

- My "take-away" from learning about other cultures this unit.


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