I believe motivation is something we must create for ourselves. First, it’s true because all teens have no motivation, and they have to create it for them. One reason is because all teens think that when you get them in trouble is that your telling them to not do it, but it’s just the teachers or parents are just looking out for them and trying to motivate them not to do it. I will admit the veteran from the video yesterday the doctors told him that he won’t be able to do nothing for his life now, and he didn't complain or nothing he motivated him self to do yoga and exercise with screwed up knees. However, he was created motivation because he kept pushing him self to exercise. In short, that means creating your motivation is better than being born with it. The reason why is because if your create it your a strong person.

This is trying to say that fighters don't give up.


That if you care for a good result you keep pushing yourself to make it happen.

Self Motivation

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