A Strange World

by Till

On the weekend there was a boy named Nick Fire Boy who found a portal on a game called destroy the boss. When Nick played the game he found a portal when he went into the portal than the shutdown.

Then the made a portal on the TV. It pulled Nick in the portal then the portal closed. Nick was in a strange world. He found a legendary sword that can beat the boss. Nick went to the cave full of zombies and skeletons but he must go in that cave to get the legendary bow.

When nick got out of the cave then he went to the castle for the bow but there were heaps of wizards on the top floor” it was the mite be the best bow in the ever but he have to get it for the world. Nick had to get the bow, he went up to the top floor and used his sword to get pass the wizards, when he had the bow his sword was nearly broken when he had the bow he found out that the bow was the portal to go back into the real world.

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