LECC Lemonade and Dog Care

A business of Lemonade and Dog Care. We like to walk dogs and make sweet lemonade. We have experience in business with both animals and selling lemonade.We would love to have you as our customer/ client.


We make sweet lemonade and other drinks. You can find us at different locations around Valley Springs SD. If you can't find us we may not be open but look for one of our stands on  Cliff Ave.

Dog care

We are mainly just going to walk your adorable pets (mainly dogs). We walk them many distances and show you the route that we are going to take the dog(s) on. We will have the supplies to walk them and you can give us any supplies the dogs. Please make sure you have a leash if you don't we may have a few extras.

For more information please fell free to send us an email at LCCLemonade.DogCare@gmail.com

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